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Today more and more searches are done on smartphones and tablets. The majority of searches made on smartphones are related to local searches. Is your company showing up on these searches?
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Why is Mobile Marketing important?

1 of 3 searches on google are locally related. When making a search on a smartphone the customer is probably very close to making a decision. It may be for a direction to a local business, searching for phone/opening hours or maybe even searching for a product or service. With Mobile Marketing you can get this customers attention and by an appealing call-to-action your chances are very high that he will select your business for his visit.

Why do I need a Mobile website?

A mobile website is a 'thinner' version of your regular website made especially for small screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. Your message is also different being shorter and more to the point. Short relevant text that makes the customer act is the key here. If your goal is to increase sales, customer service or increase your brand awareness contact us for a free consultation on how we can help with your Mobile Marketing strategy.

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