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Google Analytics is the industry standard tool to measure and extract your website data. Consider this your business' intelligence data of your visitors. By transforming this data into a fast and easy format to digest you can make wise business decisions that will move your website ahead of your competitors. The result will be a website molded to your visitors wishes, converting them from just visitors to buyers.

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Why do I need Google Analytics?

By investing in marketing online wouldn't you want to know if your marketing investment yielded? By following up your marketing campaigns with Analytics you can see your ROI, how many visitors the campaign produced and which of these visitors actually made a purchase or CTA.

Without Google analytics it will be hard to see if a campaign was successful or not and you will not have data to make an even better and improved next campaign.

Advantages of Google Analytics

Industry Standard
Used by SMB as well as Fortune 500 companies Google Analytics have become the industry standard tool for website data extracting.

Very easy to use
With its simple interface it is easy to start using.

Use it with Google Adwords
Google Analytics comes integrated with Google Adwords making it easy to follow up your pay-per-click campaigns.

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