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With a well planned and executed strategy MarketingSoup will increase your sales by identifying your right target group and make your online marketing more cost effective.

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Local Search Marketing

Local (Online) Internet Marketing is the most important marketing tool for local businesses, it should have top priority in your marketing strategy.

Industry Specialization

We have extensive knowledge of our six key industries; Restaurants, Law Firms, Real Estate, Architects and local SMB retail stores. For each industry we have a separate department of engineers.

Online Reputation Management

Potential customers will get their first impression of you based on what they see in Google, will they like it? Our work is to monitor, defend and repair your reputation.

Web & Printed Design

We design beautiful responsive websites, convert your flash site to html or any other web design help you need. We also design printed matter.

Programming & Custom Apps

We can take your application needs from blueprint to distribution, of course beta tested. All of our code is of course clean, neat and compliant.

360 Virtual Tour Photography

We are Google Approved Photographers. We take 360 degree photography of your establishment for Google search engine as well as for your marketing needs.

What can you do for my business?

Choose your Package

Starter PlanIf just starting with online marketing

$14900per month
  • Extensive SEO
  • Extensive Optimization
  • -
  • -
  • Extensive Reports

Intermediate PlanIf you want to improve your SEO

$29900per month
  • Full SEO
  • Full Optimization
  • 3x More Hours
  • -
  • Extensive Reports

Professional PlanFor Corporations, including 24x7 ORM

$69900per month
  • Full SEO
  • Full Optimization
  • 10x More Hours
  • Level 3 Dedicated Engineers
  • Personalized Reports

Team Member

Who we are & what we do in 60 seconds

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. We know your time is valuable so we created this introduction to our services. On the list to the left are our main divisions, just click on each to read an overview. Once you selected your interest just click on the main menu on the top of the page for more in-depth information.

With MarketingSoup you always have one project leader regardless of product(s). That way you always know to whom to speak, you even get his cell phone number so that you may access him when convenient for you.

Questions? Give us a call today tollfree at (855) 900-SOUP and we tell you how we can make your business grow. You can also contact us using the contact form a bit up on this page and we get back to you right away.

Team Member
CEO, MarketingSoup

We help local Brick & Mortars to be seen


Owning a small business means long hours, a lot of stress and constantly juggling between all the daily tasks. Sometimes we tend to forget the most important thing... sales. Probably the most frequent answer to why they don't explore and investigate new ways of attracting leads is lack of time. The result is that they continue with the same marketing efforts they always done, which very often result in less than stellar ROI.

Since budgets are always tight there is a big fear for trying something new, or even worse actually paying someone else to make your marketing! We call it the panic mode, because this usually happens to small business owners to busy to analyse and make strategic marketing decisions. ROI is to pay the lowest amount possible for a new buying client - and not the dollar amount you spend each month. We have extensive experience in assisting SMB. We are pretty confident we can help you increase the amount of new customers not at the same rate you pay today but at a lower rate (and yes, that including our fees...).

But don't believe everything you read, contact us today for a no obligation visit and we will demonstrate what we can do for your business.

We offer a giant buffet of online marketing services

The core of MarketingSoup is online marketing. That's how we started, that's what made us grow and that's our passion.

With MarketingSoup you can either select a ready made plan or just select the areas you are interested in. Some of our online marketing products are:

  • Local Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization, SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Ads, PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Link Building
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Press Release
  • SEO en Español
  • Video Marketing
  • SMS (Text) Marketing
  • Smartphone Marketing
  • QR code w. CTA landing page
  • Online marketing for restaurants
  • Online marketing for law & legal
  • Online marketing for realtors
  • Online marketing for leasing agents
  • Online marketing for architects
  • Online marketing for interior designers

For a few industries we have their own marketing department!

Even though we cater to all businesses we have a few prime industries we cater to. Each of these industries have their own division of engineers that work exclusively on online marketing for that industry.

The result is of course an extremely professional and advanced knowledge that small sized companies normally don't have access to. For more visit our industry section.

Like having your own marketing manager

We run a restaurant in a highly competitive area. Even though we paid top dollars in the past we still could'nt get near some of our competitors. Marketing Soup gave me a no obligation trial and after just a few weeks we started to see changes. I especially liked that our contact person (they call it project manager) only works with restaurants making our calls short and to the point. He knows our business perfectly and is very good in recommending changes. I can recommend them for all restaurants as long as they are not in Brooklyn LOL
Giuseppe's Rest.

The ABC of website design

Attract your visitors

With appealing copy and intriguing CTA (call-to-action) we attract your visitors to contact you by phone, form, social media signup, email or newsletter subscription.

Beautiful Designs

Gorgeous and relevant design for your business is a top concern. Good copy with bad or web design not relevant for your industry will leave a negative taste with visitors, making it less likely for them to follow up with a CTA.

Cross Platform visibility

In just two years this has become an absolute necesity. How does your website look like in a tablet or smartphone? Is it easily navigated? Today a website must be designed for each type of device. Desktops need the 'full picture', in tablets we pay a lot of attention to the graphic and in smartphones the most important parts are contact details, maps and offer/coupons.

We do darn good print designs too...

From business cards to flyers and broshures...

We are proud to have some of the most talented graphic designers. Please take a look at our portfolion in our Creative department.

Corporate Identity

If you are just starting up or simply want to give your company a fresh identity we can help you. All our corporate design work has marketing in focus. From the domain name to colors and logos everything nestled in harmony.

We do Virtual Tour Photography (360 degree)

Google Local Pages

Have your customers visit your store or restaurant from the inside when searching on Google! This excellent tool will wow your customers

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